Workshop Schedule

Please use the SEARCH function below to find a Workshop. You may narrow your selection by choosing any, or all of the pull-down menus, or just click SEARCH to get a complete list of all the available workshops, worldwide. If you want to find all the Workshops taught by a particular Certified Instructor, you can do so by typing the name into the Instructor Name field. Note: Just because no Instructor lives in a given country doesn’t mean that no workshops are taught there. You can search by location to see all workshops.

Except for the Basic PSYCH-K Workshop, all other Workshops have prerequisites. For Workshop descriptions and their necessary prerequisites, see the Workshop list below.

You can use the SEARCH function to find a Workshop nearest you.

Step 1. Under Workshop, choose a workshop.
Step 2. Under Country, choose a country.
Step 3. Under State, (if applicable) choose a state.
Step 4. Under City, choose a city.
Step 5. Click the SEARCH button.

Click here more for details about using the SEARCH function.

  • We recommend that you first choose the Workshop that interests you, then choose a country, and/or state in order to narrow your search, while keeping the area of the search large enough to make it more likely that you will find a Workshop in that area.
  • Another approach is to choose the City first, then select SEARCH. If that doesn’t show a result, do the same with the State, then the Country. This keeps widening your SEARCH area, and consequently your chances of finding a Workshop that fits your needs.
  • If no results are found, you can SEARCH the countries nearest you for available Workshops.
  • If you find no satisfactory results, know that most Instructors travel to teach Workshops. You can contact the Instructor nearest your city or country to discuss the possibility of sponsoring a Workshop in your area. In doing so, most Instructors allow the sponsor to attend the Workshop at no charge, and usually share a portion of the revenue from the Workshop with the sponsor. If you have a network of contacts that might be interested in attending the Workshop, it is an excellent option to be able to attend the Workshop in your area for free, and get paid to do it!
  • If you are not interested in sponsoring a Workshop, check back from time to time, as new Workshops are posted frequently.
  • If you don’t see a Workshop that meets your needs, and want to experience PSYCH-K more quickly, you can contact a PSYCH-K Preferred Affiliate to experience a private one-to-one session, in person or as a phone, or Skype call. Click here for a list of Preferred Affiliates.